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History II


Later, in the 1900’s, a series of scientific experiments were conducted by Professor Peter O. Rosin, Dr. Ing., under the auspices of the British Coal Utilization Research Association. The results are documented in his report, “The Aerodynamics of Domestic Open Fires”. Through the use of laboratory equipment, Dr. Rosin was able to observe air and smoke flow patterns and thus developed the ideal firebox and chimney shape for maximum efficiency. While expanding on Rumford’s work, some of Dr. Rosin’s findings varied dramatically from Rumford’s earlier theories; perhaps the most notable being the smoke shelf theory, shown diagrammatically at the right.

The important point of Dr. Rosin’s work is that it was performed in a scientific manner and pointed the way to a much more efficient and functional fireplace. Bell of England took this information and applied it to develop the Bellfires Fireplace, providing the ideal firebox and throat shape to guarantee a smoke-free efficient fireplace capable of producing maximum radiant heat with minimum fuel.

Sleepy Hollow Chimney Supply has optimized the Bellfires® designs, and produced a superior radiant firebox combining advanced casting techniques and high temperature, high alumina ladle cast refractory. We feel confident that our Bellfires® units are the finest heat- producing open fireplaces to be found, whether used to upgrade old metal or masonry fireboxes or in new construction.

3. Rosin’s experiments revealed that the ideal shape for a fireplace was a smooth, curving pear-shaped back with no smoke shelf

4. The Bellfires Fireplace system, combining our firebox, smoke dome, and hearth, provides the ideal shape to yield maximum radiation.