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The Bellfires® is made up of precast modular masonry units.

Foundry pre-cast fireplace components insure combustion efficient design and labor-saving time—every time. The firebox and smoke chamber, the heart of your fireplace are constructed in minutes versus days.... From small Victorian and Kivas, to large Colonial, Contemporary, and Castle fireplaces—Bellfires® has the size for you.

Space Age Insulation concentrates heat back into the fire.

State of the art high density foil faced ceramic blanket wraps around the entire firebox, under the hearth, and surrounds the smoke chamber. This accomplishes two very important things: Supreme safety in the prevention of heat flow into adjacent combustible structures. This heat is redirected back into the fire, achieving nearly complete combustion of wood fuel and maximum radiant heat into your room.

Our Refractory is extremely durable
and possesses a large thermal mass

Important factors to consider and compare:

(A) Bellfires® Durability: Industrial grade 70% alumina high temperature reinforced with stainless steel needles and extra wall thickness makes our firebox virtually indestructible even for the most abusive conditions.
(B) Heat Storage: Our refractory liner stores a tremendous amount of radiant heat, allowing firebox temperatures to elevate well above the range of the conventional fireplace. Virtually complete combustion with no visible smoke emitting from the chimney top are the hallmarks of this design. The Bellfires® refractory firebox releases its stored up heat into your living space long after the fire has subsided. These characteristics rival the performance of a masonry heater.

The Shape is also part of the secret to
thorough combustion of wood

The "Apex" located on the back wall creates a hot spot that radiates heat back into the fire and out into the room. The "Apex" turns the Bellfires® into an incinerator and a real home heater.

The wood is burned to a light ash, creosote is practically eliminated and the "smelly fireplace syndrome" is also eliminated.

Bellfires® Fireplaces vent on 50% smaller diameter flue size than conventional fireplaces and that equals 50% less heat loss escaping up the chimney. Fuel efficiency is increased with more heat from less wood.


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