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  Bellfires® BSV Installation Workshop at Sandwich, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in September, 1998  
  Preparing Super Flex®



Bellfires® BSV Fireplaces are designed to be installed with Super Flex® insulated liner systems. The first job was to prepare the liner for winching up the chimney.

Stainless steel series 304L or 316L Super Flex® liner is laid flat and wrapped with foil faced Cera Foil® insulation. The seam is taped with Cera Foil Seam Tape. The whole liner is then encased with Super Skin™, a stainless steel "sock" that protects the insulated Cera Foil Super Flex liner from tearing and helps keep the Cera Foil in place inside the chimney. Super Skin™ is tightly wrapped and then a Stainless Steel 304, 18 gauge wire is wrapped around the complete liner to further hold the insulation and skin in place. Ends are tightly held in place with Super Skin® Clamps.


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