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  The Super Vent Retrofit  

The repair unit with the addition of a Sleepy Hollow design, 18 gauge refractory stainless Rumford smoke chamber with DROP-IN™ damper.  The insulated smoke chamber connects to Cera-foil insulated round or oval 6, 7, or 8 diameter SuperFlex flexible stainless steel flue liner.  Today, many fireplaces do not yield satisfactory results.  Many are old or in disrepair.  Many do not meet codes of safety clearance to combustibles.  Oversized or undersized flues and outside exterior wall construction equal cold and/or smoky performance.  Many metal heat circulating models are rusted out and dangerous.*  The fully insulated Super Vent retrofit system corrects these flaws, transforms a fireplace into a restored super safe high heat fireplace, without altering the fireplace facing.  *According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fireplaces accounted for nearly 20% (7,700) of solid fuel related fires with almost 55 million dollars in property losses.

            The smoke chamber area must be addressed when relining a fireplace.  Many companies are still giving their customers outdated base plate terminations, the termination of the stainless liner at the top of the smoke chamber. This turbulent and poor sealing plate can only vent on a 10 to 12 to 1 flue to fireplace opening.

            The Bellfire Super Vent utilizing aerodynamic full vent technology vents at 20 to 1 enabling you to use up to a 50% smaller flue liner.  Extremely advantageous in fireplace restoration.

            Install the ultimate.  Contact your nearest BELLFIRES technical fireplace and flue restoration specialist/distributor below.

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