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  SUPER SKIN™ was developed as a companion to Hollow Wool™, a flexible ceramic, long fiber insulating blanket. SUPER SKIN™ provides a super tough non-deteriorating flexible suit of armor, that completely protects CERA-FOIL® from the ravages of the chimney environment, such as sharp bricks or protruding mortar joints.

SUPER SKIN™ is a woven wire mesh constructed of type #304 stainless, with a .012 thickness. SUPER SKIN™ is thicker than some chimney liners in use today. Easily applied, and economical to use, SUPER SKIN™ in conjunction with CERAFOIL ® further defines the “State of the Art” in heat transfer protection and flue gas warmth in chimney liner insulation. Our stainless insulating system is the only one in the world that consistently produces a uniform insulating wall
around the liner, either 4”, 2”, or 1”, depending on blanket thickness used.


Super Skin SS 304 Super Heavy Duty Woven Mesh with a .012 Thickness



Part # Width in. Description Price per ft.  


14" For use on 4" to 6" pipe $5.18


SS710 18" For use on 7" to 10" pipe $6.78


SS1216 24" For use on 12" to 16" pipe $8.30



Skin Clamps SS Blanket Protector

6" 7" 8" 9" 10"

$16.30 pair add

$16.30 pair add

$16.30 pair add

$18.70 pair add

$18.70 pair add

 Prices are U.S. and subject to change depending on market conditions    

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