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Super Flex 304-L


America's First Flexible Liner...since 1978


Sleepy Hollow upgraded SUPER FLEX® from
type 304 to type 304-L late in 1983. This more
expensive, less readily available alloy was chosen to provide greater protection in the event of repeated chimney fires—eliminating the hazard of intergranular corrosion. Removing the carbon content accomplishes three things:

1. Elimination of chromium carbides (carbon
combining with chrome at high temperatures).
2. Less carbon increases the chrome and
nickel content, increasing corrosion resistance.
3. Reducing carbon content makes the
stainless slightly softer, enabling it to drill, cut,
and form easier as evidenced by our unique oval chimney liner series.

Type 304-L stainless steel is a non-magnetic
alloy with a carbon content of .03 maximum,
chrome content 18/20, nickel content 8/12. Using mill certified stainless purchased from specialty mills ensures the highest quality stainless alloy available. Our SUPER FLEX® carbon content usually runs about .013 maximum, with small amounts of moly present, ingredients not found in grades of stainless used for many of today's chimney liner systems.

Super Flex 304-L SS

Round Diameters 6" 7" 8" 9" 10"
Price per Foot $41.55 $51.90 $53.55 $66.90 $81.90
Ovalized Sizing 4x8 5x9 6x10 7x11 8x12
Price per Foot $47.55 $57.90 $59.55 $72.90 $87.90

 Prices are U.S. and subject to change depending on market conditions


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